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Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) Rising Above a Nearby Forest (Black & White) Clouds and Wisps with Blue Skies Above Some Nearby Trees (Devils Tower National Monument) An Arch Seemingly Soaring into the Skies Above (Gateway Arch National Park) Layer Upon Layer with the Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Under Beautiful Blue Skies One Thursday Morning (Devils Tower National Monument) An Old Postcard (Black & White, Gateway Arch National Park) Postcards (Gateway Arch National Park) A Changing Landscape While Standing at River Bend Overlook (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Just Beyond the Trees (Gateway Arch National Park) There's Something About the Feeling of Pulling Through Any Park Service Entrance! Only Clouds Ahead to Guide My Way! The Foliage of Autumn Was All Around Me, Even if Only Hints in Colors To See (Gateway Arch National Park) Even from Miles Away and then You See It the First Time... (Devils Tower National Monument) Multicolored Layered Across a Badlands Landscape (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) An Arch Beyond the Trees (Gateway Arch National Park) Badlands and Eroded Buttes in Theodore Roosevelt National Park The Curve of an Arch Across the Missouri Skies (Gateway Arch National Park) A Fold Across the Earth and a Lone Tree Up Top (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Symmetric View of Gateway Arch with Cloudy Skies (Gateway Arch National Park) Morning Light Across the Little Missouri River at Oxbow Overlook (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) A Pond Lined with Trees and the Gateway Arch (Gateway Arch National Park) The Grays of Clouds and Overcast Skies Could Not Match the Greens of the Forest Around Me (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Impressive Views While Walking the Boicourt Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park And Thus Did I Declare Amongst the Trees...Hallelujah! (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) The Pond Held Reflections of the Nearby Woods (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Sunset Landscape (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) A Path of Life Would Lead Me to the Woods and Forest (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) I Sat on the Grasses of a Meadow One Morning (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) A Sweeping Bend in the Little Missouri River Across the Theodore Roosevelt National Park Landscape Bison Grazing and Resting Along the Banks of the Little Missouri River (Theodore Roosevelt National Park)
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