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Street clock Outdoor cafe in Ovieto, Spain Someone From A Fairytale postcard with a tree Sound memories Keene  New York - Noon Mark Diner - The Toren - Appearing as a Monolith ..not a wormhole opening.. long_arch_3 Blue Brick Home in Georgetown C&O Canal in Georgetown Quack Yellow boat Dartmouth Park Cour des Adieux Red vs Blue Frognal II Ericeira Botanico Dual tree Fontainebleau Summer I Saint-Augustin III Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis) Clearwing Moth (Hemaris Thysbe) Meganisi island, Ionian Sea, Greece ripples Smooth Deception Bay Waters at noon-1= Cold Morning at Canal of Utrecht, NLD Bros in Brussels hugo-13.jpg
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 sun, light, blue, sky, summer, green, white, canon, tree, nature
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