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181114-N-VR594-239 Seabees measure purlins on the roof of Tinian Elementary School. 181108-N-WR252-094 Offloaded at the Tinian wharf for use by the Seabees during recovery efforts following Typhoon Yutu 181103-N-WR252-006 181103-N-WR252-097 181103-N-WR252-239 181103-N-WR252-291 181104-N-WR252-007 181104-N-WR252-121 181104-N-WR252-134 181105-N-WR252-113 181105-N-WR252-123 181103-N-WR252-042 181101-N-WR252-098 181101-N-WR252-080 170519-N-YV613-0520 170519-N-YV613-0502 170519-N-YV613-0394 170516-N-YV613-0125 170517-N-YV613-0161 170517-N-YV613-0256 Sailors work with Kosraean workers to construct the Health Clinic in Micronesia. 181103-N-WR252-185 181105-N-WR252-057 181105-N-WR252-063 181105-N-WR252-087 151020-N-SI773-272 151020-N-SI773-124 151008-N-SI773-008
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