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Governor of the CNMI, addresses attendees during a relief-in-place and transfer of authority ceremony during Super Typhoon Yutu recovery efforts 190109-N-VR594-1038 181212-N-VR594-030 Navy Mobile Construction Battalion 1 Conducts Recovery Efforts in Tini 181213-N-VR594-021 181212-N-VR594-242 181212-N-VR594-121 Capt. Eric C. Correll receives a tour from Sailors. 181114-N-VR594-239 Seabees measure purlins on the roof of Tinian Elementary School. 181108-N-WR252-094 Offloaded at the Tinian wharf for use by the Seabees during recovery efforts following Typhoon Yutu 181103-N-WR252-183 181103-N-WR252-239 181104-N-WR252-139. 181105-N-WR252-026 181105-N-WR252-111 181105-N-WR252-113 181104-N-WR252-048 181104-N-WR252-121 181103-N-WR252-042 181101-N-WR252-098 A Seabee removes debris from a road during recovery. 170516-N-YV613-0015 Sailors participate in a roadway cleanup event in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia 190107-N-JO908-1132 190105-N-JO908-1087 170726-N-JR989-0655 170519-N-YV613-0394 170517-N-YV613-0121
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