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Gaia Zoo ( Januar 2020 ) Dusk to Dawn Star Trails at Beverley, Western Australia Foggy Rush Hour. Little Rock, Arkansas. 2020. Panorama - Sunrise 29-12-2019 Eating Sushi 8501154 Cigar Lady Christmas time Lake Granby, Colorado. 2019. Sunset before the snow. Denver, Colorado. 2019. Fog Before the Snow. Golden, Colorado. 2019. Qartaba River Marbled Orb Weaver (Araneus marmoreus). Ouachita National Forest. Arkansas. 2019. Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia Milky Way at Canal Rocks, Western Australia Autumn on Lake Maumelle. 2019. Two planes Milky Way & Magellanic Clouds at The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia Milky Way at Sugarloaf Rock - Dunsborough, Western Australia Milky Way at Quairading, Western Australia Pyrenees Trees in winter The Wheel. Arkansas State Fair. 2019. Garth Segovia Fall Peace Moments of Doubt Under The moon. Harmony
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 portrait, flower, nature, macro, night, water, white, sky, green, d80
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