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2019 - Taiwan - Keelung - 4 - Ready for War

2019 - Taiwan - Keelung - 4 - Ready for War

Pulling into the Port of Keelung the Westerdam passed the typical compliment of port boats including a Taiwan Coast Guard ship.

Coast Guard vessel CG-105 (Mou Hsing) is a 800-ton class ship built in 1988 by Wilton-Fijenoord of the Netherlands.

R.O.C. Coast Guard
The Coast Guard Administration of the Ocean Affairs Council (CGA) aka Taiwan Coast Guard or R.O.C. Coast Guard, is charged with maintaining law and order, protecting the resources of the territorial waters of the Republic of China (Taiwan), which surrounds Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu Islands, Green Island, Orchid Island, Dongsha Islands, and Nansha Islands as well as providing a first line of defense along coastal areas against smugglers and illegal immigrants.

The CGA is considered a civilian law enforcement agency under the administration of Ocean Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan, though during emergencies it may be incorporated as part of the Republic of China Armed Forces.
Vancouver Sun
25 July 2019
China ‘ready to go to war’ if Taiwan tries to gain independence, major defence ministry report says.

Report lists Donald Trump’s US among ‘prominent destabilising factors’ in first defence white paper of Xi Jinping’s presidency.

China says it is “ready to go to war” over the issue of Taiwan’s independence, according to a defence ministry report that provides a rare insight into the country’s military strategic priorities.

The US, which provides arms to Taiwan, was accused of “undermining global strategic stability” and was named at the top of a list of “prominent destabilising factors” in the white paper, the first of its kind to be released by the Chinese government since Xi Jinping came to power.

Presenting the document, defence ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said it was still China’s goal to achieve a peaceful reunification with Taiwan, a territory that split from the Communist Party-ruled mainland in 1949 and is in all practical senses run as an independent democratic nation.

“However, we must firmly point out that seeking Taiwan independence is a dead end,” Wu told reporters.

“If there are people who dare to try to split Taiwan from the country, China’s military will be ready to go to war to firmly safeguard national sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity,” he said.

China’s defence ministry has released 10 policy white papers since 1998, but Wednesday’s was the first since the 18th National Party Congress in 2012, officials said.

Since then there have been “profound changes” to the international security environment, the document notes.

“The US has adjusted its national security and defence strategies, and adopted unilateral policies,” China said in the document. “It has provoked and intensified competition among countries, significantly increased its defence expenditure ... and undermined global strategic stability.”

China would itself implement “moderate and steady” growth in defence spending, the document revealed, but claimed this was low compared to other major economies. “There is still a wide gap between China’s defence expenditure and the requirements for safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and development interests,” it said.

Alongside a resolve to contain the issue of “Taiwan independence”, China also listed the threats of what it calls separatist forces in Tibet and the far west region of Xinjiang.

On the latter, the report claimed central paramilitary police have helped Xinjiang authorities “take out 1,588 violent terrorist gangs and capture 12,995 terrorists”.

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Photo taken @ Z on 8 February 2019 (© Ted's photos - Returns late November / Flickr)

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