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Had I Not Found Content Amongst the Trees (Mammoth Cave National Park)

Had I Not Found Content Amongst the Trees (Mammoth Cave National Park)

Had I Not Found Content Amongst the Trees,
I Would Still be in the City.
I hear the bird sing their morning ritual
as my feet create a sound of crunch with the rocks.
My flesh seems to feel the pains of age,
but I hear sounds and see the wonders amongst the trees,
And I feel young again with no days past.
This love makes my blood race with one foot to lead the other.
For I have indeed found content amongst the trees!

Another work of short poetry or prose to complement the image captured one afternoon in Mammoth Cave National Park from an overlook while walking the Turnhole Bend Nature Trail.

Composing the image was a matter of using the opening in the trees to my front and finding that right framing with them on the sides for a look beyond, It was in metering that the image proved...well, I took a lot longer to spot meter around to find a good enough mean shutter speed to not blow any highlights in the distance clouds while later being able to bring out the nearby shadowed areas of the forest around me. Out of a convenient timing in software release, Aurora HDR 2019 was release with a new rendering engine. I decided to try that out on the NEF image I captured seeing what I might bring out. Definitely impressive for a start point. I then exported a TIFF image that I could work with in Capture NX2. I used a Foliage and Polarization CEP filter to bring out the result for the final image seen here.

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Photo taken on 7 September 2018 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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