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An Idea from Bing! (Gateway Arch National Park)

An Idea from Bing! (Gateway Arch National Park)

One of the things that I've learned to do before heading out on any trip to visit a national park is to spend the time on Flickr, 500px or other photographer sites to see where I might hike or walk with ideas for capturing images. For many years, it was just a mix match of notes with an image saved on my iPhone that never quite seemed to work because of the disorganization I had at the time. It was only recently that I used Evernote and could pull that information up on either an iPhone or iPad and review it while walking around that it became as handy as it is. This image came up a few weeks before my trip in late August on a company desktop computer with the Bing homepage. I had to find that point and this is pretty close to the one I saw on that day. I finished up post-processing work in Capture NX2 by adding a few CEP filters (Low Key, Polarization and Graduated Neutral Density) for the final image.

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Photo taken @ St. Louis on 6 September 2018 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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