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Dune Shadows Three Means of Transportation (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Towering Cliff Walls of the Grand Wash (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park) Trace Train Tracks Leading off into a Distant Forest (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Layers and Formations of Rock Formed Across the Grand Wash (Capitol Reef National Park) complicated connections Walking Along the Shores of the Rio Grande (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) Dancing Under the Trees with the Wind as My Music (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) ENTER The Cassidy Arch and the Grand Wash (Capitol Reef National Park) I Asked for God to Grant Me a Blessing and Realized It Was All Around Me in the Woods (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Cassidy Arch and a Landscape Setting with the Waterpocket Fold (Capitol Reef National Park) A Portrait Orientation to Historic Entrance and Rain-Fed Waters (Mammoth Cave National Park) blue mask A Portrait Orientation of the Gateway Arch and Some Nearby Trees (Gateway Arch National Park) Across the Desert Grassland to Sandstone Columns and Pillars with the Needles Skyline Beyond (Canyonlands National Park) Yellows, Greens, and Browns Across the Peaks of the Chisos Mountains (Big Bend National Park) A Forest of Plants and Trees to Take in While Hiking in North Cascades National Park Moon & Faro Sa Conillera Tiger Lilies on Display in North Cascades National Park Prairie Grasses, Ponderosa Pines and Blue Skies with Clouds for a Setting with Devils Tower (Bear Lodge) (Black & White) Yellow Flowers and Clouds in Devils Tower National Monument Walking Once More Around the Red Butte (and Sphinx Look Alike, Canyonlands National Park) Indiana & Orion Monument Basin and the Many Canyons of Canyonlands National Park A Backdrop of Blue Skies and Clouds for Devils Tower (Bear Lodge, Black & White) Upheaval Dome and a Myriad of Colorful Stripes (Canyonlands National Park) A Nearby Hillside and then to the Top of Emory Peak (Big Bend National Park) Hallerbos
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