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A young man holding a glass of iced coffee at home at sundown. Happy hour non-alcoholic beverage Damaged old Mercedes in the backyard of a farmhouse. Prepared for restoration Kleines Mädchen isst Äpfel Portrait of a black dog in the backyard photographed through the fence Toddler's feet and four ripe apples on the concrete. Playing with apples in the park Toddler's hand on a tramboline safety net. Symbol of carefree childhood A little girl giving her mom an apple. An apple in a toddler’s hand The York Eye. A little girl collecting apples from the concrete A little girl grasping for the apples A mom playing with her daughter in the backyard. A little girl playing on her mom's legs Mann baut Spielzeug Motorrad mit Schraubendreher zusammen Aktivierte Airbags in einem Auto nach einem Unfall Broken headlights on a vintage Mercedes Sorted lemons on a white plate from a bird's eye view The broken front of a vintage Mercedes and its lost star logo The front of an old crashed Mercedes w123 at a car junk yard A golden retriever posing in a yard Whitby Abbey and lake. Training a golden retriever in the garden Auto auf dem Schrottplatz nach einem Unfall mit Totalschaden Children playing with a ball and running on a big field Lemons in a basket on the grass Hong Kong Arch Lugard Rd 12-4-17 2 The Peak Lookout Xmas tree 12-4-17 Peak Tower PTHK 12-4-17 Field of barley in the sunshine. Georgian styled town house. Hong Kong Arch PTHK top 12-4-17 3 A girl walking down the path towards her mother
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