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Boats in a channel. Boats in a channel. The pier at Llandudno. The front at  Llandudno. Railway station and signal. Erfahrener Tischler bearbeitet ein Stück Holz mit der Hobelmaschine Experienced carpenter processing a piece of wood with a planer Junger Arbeiter schleift ein Stück Holz An old man carving wooden furniture in a workshop Carpenter sanding a chair with sandpaper in a small workshop Close-up of a muzzle of a small black goat Tools on the shelves in a workshop White ducks in a lake Young worker sanding a piece of wood Juvenile deer alone in the forest Portrait of a beautiful duck in nature Portrait of a juvenile deer in the park Black goat pushing its muzzle through a wire fence A little girl in a glamorous dress knocking on a vintage door A swan swimming in a lake A workshop worker sanding a chair with sandpaper A young man working alone in a furniture workshop Alter Mann schnitzt Holzmöbel A mom teaching her daughter how to count using apples at the park A toddler sliding down a slide A young man holding a glass of iced coffee at home at sundown. Happy hour non-alcoholic beverage cosmos Church from across a river. Carpenter fitting furniture parts together. Making furniture in a workshop Realistic model of a  Tyrannosaurus rex in a dino park
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