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The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, Messier 83 #Explored

The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, Messier 83 #Explored

Messier 83, or the Southern Pinwheel is a face-on, barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Hydra. It lies at a distance of 15 million light years. This is the full color version.

This image was processed with data provided by the Las Cumbres Observatory. The Principal Investigator for this data set was
BJ Fulton. This image included data collected with B, V and I' filters. The data comes from 1 m telescopes at the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory and the South African Astronomical Observatory.

Individual images acquired with the following filters were stacked to generate the final image.
Red: SDSS I' (centered at 7545 and with a width of 1290 Angstroms): 9.3 hrs
Green: Bessell V (centered at 5448 and with a width of 840 Angstroms): 5 hours
Blue: Bessell B (centered at 4361 and with a width of 890 Angstroms): 4.6 hrs

Publishing credits:
LCO website as part of their image gallery:

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Photo prise le 8 mars 2018 (© ajynrynn / Flickr)

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