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Lampousa at the Limassol marina, Cyprus

Lampousa at the Limassol marina, Cyprus

The Lampousa fishing boat at the Limassol marina.

According to the Limassol Municipality Website the Lambousa fishing trawler was built at Perama, Piraeus in 1955, originally named Omonia. In 1965 it moved to Cyprus and was registered at Famagusta Port under the name Lambousa.

A fine boat, it fished in the eastern Mediterranean for 50 years. The 25-metre vessel with a 48-ton capacity and a top speed of 10 knots is one of the last such traditional fishing boats in Cyprus, one of the biggest and of a type no longer built either in Cyprus or Greece.

The vessel was withdrawn from service and, in 2005, it was given to Limassol Municipality by the Fisheries Department in the context of a plan for the withdrawal of fishing boats and it has since been restored to its original state.

During the summer months it will be moored at the jetty and will be available for organized visits with the aim of informing the public about the fishing and maritime traditions of Limassol and Cyprus as a whole.

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Photo taken @ Limassol on 25 December 2017 (© Andreas Komodromos / Flickr)

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