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It's all bubbly

It's all bubbly

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Tonight we went to Campbell, a laid back town in the Silicon Valley. It was raining in the afternoon, so there were some water puddles left in the streets. I am a grown up kid, always excited about puddles. Using the vintage f/0.95 "Dream Lens" I captured her shoes - it's all bubbly.

I processed a balanced HDR photo from a RAW exposure, and carefully adjusted the color balance and the curves. I welcome and appreciate your critical feedback.

-- ƒ/0.95, 50 mm, 1/4 sec, ISO 64, Sony A7 II, Canon 50mm f0.95, HDR, 1 RAW exposure, _DSC8335_hdr1bal1pai1b.jpg
-- CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, © Peter Thoeny, Quality HDR Photography

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Campbell le 3 mars 2018 (© PeterThoeny / Flickr)

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