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Nowhere to be Closing Up Venus,Taurus and Pleiades from a town Rue Rouge, Avignon Basilica Night Colonial Street Night 2 Colonial Street Night Duckworth Foggy Night 1 Duckworth Street Foggy Night Panoramic Holloway Street Night Hope Night Windows Black and White Prescott and Jobs Cove Rabbittown Night 2 Rabbittown Night Venus, Plejades and Hyades Rumors of War Sculpture in Times Square at Night Midtown Manhattan New York City NY P00485 DSC_9309 The seeds seller Spending too much time on the computer Rainier Tower From Not Very Far Away Sky (30 Mar 2020) April night    2005 Stop Dresden: restoration still in progress Look the outside world Look the outside world walkin' in vegas walkin' in vegas walkin' in vegas Danube by Night
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 light, lights, sky, moon, city, street, longexposure, blue, urban, cars
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