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Stop. Look. Go. Star trails over an abandoned farmhouse - Boddington, Western Australia Hartford Connecticut - Mark Twain House and Museum - Historic Architecture Reflejos en la hora azul The descend - Oculus, New York City Passerelle du Collège Harvest moon over Golden Gate Bridge Lincolm Memorial Wideangle Dusk to Dawn Star Trails at Beverley, Western Australia Main Street Bridge in Fog No. 1. North Little Rock, Arkansas. 2020. It's low tide Summer Milky Way at Beverley, Western Australia Spielerei Star Trails at 50mm and Quadrantids Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus) With Its Mesmerizing Stare Aurora borealis from an Airbus A380 Paper Mill at Night. Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 2020. The Weight of Oneself Foggy Rush Hour. Little Rock, Arkansas. 2020. Zurich on a foggy and cold winter night Merry Christmas Dusk til Dawn Star Trails at Lake Dornducking, Western Australia We wish you all a Häppy New Year! Shadowy figures - New York City St Helena  -  Morris Silverman House - 412 N Rodney Street - Historic Mansion St Helena Montana -   Former Montana Executive Mansion - Governors Mansion Salt Lake City - Utah - Sea Gull Monument  - Historic Lexington Kentucky - Old Fayette County Courthouse - Now The Pavillion Inside the Oculus - WTC, New York City East Aurora  NY~ Palmer House in the Griggs Mansion Bed Breakfast ~ Historical
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