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Idaho National Guard U.S. Marines fire at simulated targets during Table 3 of the Combat Marksmanship Coaching Course on Camp Hansen 190918-Z-NI803-0013 190918-Z-NI803-0052 190918-Z-NI803-0078 190918-Z-NI803-0085 190918-Z-NI803-0095 190918-Z-NI803-0111 New Jersey National Guard A Soldier attending Air Assault School jumps from a 58-foot tower for the first time as he rappels down a rope Geronimo trains in snow Loyal Brezny's rifle heavy rings. Creedmoor with a Warne one-piece cantilever mount. Weatherby 300 Magnum Leupold ring setup. Loyal Brezny's Weaver Model 70Win Weaver Lock Up - close view of ring 190918-Z-NI803-0156 190918-Z-NI803-0195 190918-Z-NI803-0212 190918-Z-NI803-0215 190918-Z-NI803-0241 190918-Z-NI803-0307 190918-Z-NI803-0405 190918-Z-NI803-0415 190918-Z-NI803-0442 190918-Z-NI803-0482 190918-Z-NI803-0485 Paratroopers prepare their M24OL to provide support-by-fire to an assaulting element during training Photo Series: Toy Talk:
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