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Hudson Yards, New York City Sundowns Are Golden Then Fade Away Parallel Lines - Manhattan, New York City Broadway Lights - 7th Avenue, New York City Buffalo Ny ~ Albright Knox Art Gallery ~ Karma I Should Know Who I Am By Now White Face Mountain  - Adirondack Mountains - New York State - Entrance Vessel (skyline) - Hudson Yards, New York City Remembering summer at Brick Pond Equinox Hotel (grey) - Hudson Yards, New York City Andrew Dice Clay Are You Still Living There on Your Estate of Sorrow Arrival - Riverside Park, New York City I Used to Dream of Time Machines You'll Always Be My Movie Star I'm Thinking of Quiting Drinking Again Sundowns Are Golden Then Fade Away Walled garden Hudson Yards Nights - New York City And We've Been Burned By All Our Fears Veniero Saranac Lake New York - The Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium - The Administration Building - Dodd - Malone New York - Old Grist Mill - Downtown - River Falls Sunday at the Park - Chelsea Piers, New York City An Imitation From New York Under the Brooklyn Bridge – New York City The Wild Center -  Tupper Lake -  New York -  The Eagle Nest - Adirondack  Mountains We Skipped the Light Fandango Amber Waves of New York Saranac Lake  New York  - Kayaking
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