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DSC_0953 Irish and American Flags at Harbor View Memorial Park from Tate Street ruins off Platts Mill Road, Waterbury near Naughatuck city line Ford Transit Chelsea, Vermont Reflection on intangible constants Press Hotel and Portland City Hall Up Exchange Street DSC_1045 DSC_0931 51406-Portsmouth-NH 667 Congress Street Construction DSC_1685  Sam 113 Newbury Street Construction DSC_0282  Maine Gay Volleyball DSC_0563  Pride Portland (Maine) 2015 IMG_5559 At the Food Co-Op Trustom Pond NWR Song Sparrow All Along the Waterfront The Sun & Tide DSC_6083 Old Sturbridge Village DSC_4617 Madame Sheena & Miss JoAnn Gee & Shawn wedding scenery-18 Lauren Bateman  SMP 2013 793CutoutArt Maine Life Events [Pre-parade]  (SMP 2013) 134 View of the White Mountains Maine Life Events _572 20130604-IMG_0921
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