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Stars & Stripes - E42nd street, New York City Into the Vessel (sunset) - New York City Bee on Flowers (Smile on Saturday) Brooklyn Bridge & Lower Manhattan View from Brooklyn Bridge Park Pebble Beach Brooklyn New York City NY P00286 DSC_3328 Flor BW Empire State Building at Night Manhattan New York City NY P00285 DSC_3617 REVOK & POSE The Oculus (inside) Purple Water Lilly Equinox Hotel - Hudson Yards, New York City Flor púrpura Stepping Down I Should Know Who I Am By Now Vessel (TKA) - Hudson Yards, New York City View West - Hudson Yards, New York City To the sky - hudson Yards, New York City Look up - Hudson Yards, New York City Broadway bound on 7th - New York City Chelsea sky - New York City Renzo Piano Until I Learn to Leave the Past Behind Sundowns Are Golden Then Fade Away You Know You Want It Letters That You'll Never Read But I Burn Letters That I Write See That Hole UP There in My Heart? Brooklyn New York City - New York - Luna Park - Coney Island  - Archives I'm Thinking of Quitting Drinking Again And I Still Remember the Sound of Your Voice Block Drugs
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