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Squirrel on alert - Madison Square Park Squirrel flash - Madison Square Park, New York City Subway Rush  - Chelsea, New York City In Lockstep Staircase Abstract - New York City Now the Center of My So Called Being New York Stories Little by Little Black Flowers Hold my hand (in the city) - New York City In a Town That Can't Remember Domino Sugar Refinery - Brooklyn, New York City Sometimes I Wonder if the World's So Small IMG_0787 Autumn sails by Jersey City skyline - Hudson River Chelsea Three Nights to the Tip of Florida Skylarking Missing the Exit Now You Are How You Were When You Were Real Grand Central & MetLife - New York City Desperation Lower Manhattan walker Half the Time Has Passed Away I See You're Leaving Soon A Day in the Life Skip to main content A New York Minute New York Skyline
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