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Hudson Yards, New York City Mr. Mingus Sundowns Are Golden Then Fade Away Parallel Lines - Manhattan, New York City Broadway Lights - 7th Avenue, New York City I Should Know Who I Am By Now You Tell Me the Whole Sad Story Really? Vessel (skyline) - Hudson Yards, New York City The Book You Said to Read five New York Drag Queens Equinox Hotel (grey) - Hudson Yards, New York City Andrew Dice Clay Ten Bucks She Was Someone I Could Learn From New York's Not the Same Without You Trees of New York Are You Still Living There on Your Estate of Sorrow Arrival - Riverside Park, New York City Sure, Why Not? I Used to Dream of Time Machines You'll Always Be My Movie Star Drowning Out Your Texas Megaphone I'm Thinking of Quiting Drinking Again Sundowns Are Golden Then Fade Away Make Me Wonder Who's In Charge Hudson Yards Nights - New York City And We've Been Burned By All Our Fears Veniero
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