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Lone tusker Baby hippo, mama hippo and a little birdie at the Mara river Baby hippo returns to the Mara lake Wildebeest migration site Big hippo males in the muddy Mara river Big male hippo in the Mara river Just like a cow running away Big beasts Feeding elephant Road to the Serengeti Fake tree The Mara river infested by hippos Hippo males face off Baby hippo's beautiful derriere Green acacia tree Herd of hippos Brilliant colours of the superb starling Necks The infamous Mara river Baby hippo wades out of the water Green grass and blue sky Closeup of Maasai giraffe Giraffe with its head turned Bird rests in peace on stone pillow Elephant on the savannah Baby hippo Foursome Gangly Graceful under the blue sky Gangly fellow
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