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Fed UP. Resolute. Autumn Shades. Winter is coming A Light In the Darkness. Its an old hat! As they sat outside the bar. TopMan Hat, phone, clip-board. Things are about to get out of hand! Sun and Sax. Stuck in the lift, (elevator). Fortune Cookie. Looking at the world from a different perspective. Sometimes life just thows you a curve-ball. Lumberjack (the long walk). I don't Know what all the fuss is about. Living Room Overlook Boxing day insanity. Incognito Santa. Village Christmas 2018 Lidl Dark and dangerous. The dead space. Sunstroke To Do or Not To Do ? Sun Spots Traditional shops, Traditional Values, Am I safe ? A Winters Tale.
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 music, concert, live, young, lee, armstrong, rock, band, vince, moon
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