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KFOR or not ?

KFOR or not ?

Now was this guy a veteran of the conflict or just a guy who bought a used jacket in the market ?

Candid street shot, Bergen Norway.
The Kosovo Force is a NATO-led international peacekeeping force which is responsible for establishing a secure environment in Kosovo. Its operations are being gradually reduced as Kosovo's armed forces, Kosovo Security Force, established in 2009, become self sufficient.

KFOR was established when NATO’s 78-day air campaign against Milosevic’s regime, aimed at putting an end to violence in Kosovo, was over.

KFOR’s original objectives were to deter renewed hostilities, establish a secure environment and ensure public safety and order, demilitarize the Kosovo Liberation Army, support the international humanitarian effort and coordinate with the international civil presence.

Today, KFOR continues to contribute towards maintaining a safe and secure environment in Kosovo and freedom of movement for all.

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Photo taken @ Bergen on 15 June 2015 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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