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Keep that camera warm.

Keep that camera warm.

Working in cold weather presents problems for both photographers and their equipment.
Though some photographers used to more tropical climates might think freezing (32 degrees F or 0 degrees C) is cold, that ain’t nothing. Most cameras are built to handle that.

Though most digital cameras are specified by their manufacturer only for operation down to a temperature of 0 degrees C, most will work perfectly well at much lower temperatures. They aren’t rated for lower temperature work because they aren’t tested to fully meet all specifications at those temperatures and because there are some problems that can occur as detailed below 0 degrees C but most of those problems can be avoided. Electronics actually often work better at lower temperatures, so there’s really no issue with the electronic circuitry.

As you can see my little Olympus worked fine all day at -14C, no special protection for the camera, but I did keep the spare batteries warm in my inner coat pocket.

Remember wind chill only effects people (animals not cameras); It seems fashionable for weather forecasters to quote the expected temperature with the wind chill. I expect its because the bigger (lower) numbers sound more exciting.

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Photo prise @ Grasgehren le 19 janvier 2019 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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