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200514-N-SS432-2052 200514-N-SS432-2022 200514-N-SS432-1012 200514-N-EC658-1007 200514-N-EC658-1018 Naval Base Guam Chaplain LCDR Kyu Lee gives a tour to U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. John Aquilino Sailors install a room divider in a berthing tent for the EMF staff in support of DoD’s COVID-19 response 200504-N-SS432-1042 200504-N-SS432-1026 200503-N-WR252-1086 200503-N-WR252-1210 200430-N-SS432-1057 200430-N-SS432-1041 Commander of Joint Region Marianas, discusses the expeditionary medical facility with Governor of Guam 200429-N-WR252-1156 200430-N-SS432-1057 200430-N-SS432-1041 Rear Adm. John Menoni discusses the capabilities of the medical facility  with Governor of Guam Sailors assigned to Task Group 75.5 unload a container of acute care medical equipment 200422-M-LR229-0088 200422-N-EC658-1019 Sailors conduct a training exercise at the Expeditionary Medical Facility  onboard Naval Base Guam 200505-N-WR252-1025 200424-N-WR252-1065 200424-N-WR252-1095 200424-N-WR252-1084 200424-N-WR252-1061 A Marine backloads an AAV 200422-N-SS432-1016 200422-N-SS432-1015
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