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It's Not Your Father's Type of War 170605-N-RM689-252 Sailor prepares to shoot a target with a .50 caliber machine gun during a gunnery exercise. Disabled Vet PB383 PB383 PB383 170503-N-BK384-126 170501-N-TU910-699 170427-N-PD309-066 USS Fitzgerald Sailors keep skills sharp with M2 .50 caliber machine gun Kissing Strangers Sailors haul in a spring line to secure the Improved Navy Lighterage System Roll-on/Roll-off Discharge Facility. 170406-N-JH293-061 170406-N-JH293-007 2017 TICO Warbird Airshow - F/A-18 Hornet Sea Vixen Pier 80 USS Hopper 5-2017 170511-N-BK384-992 170510-N-CJ185-0004 2017 WFTW.6D (187)-Edit PB383 PB383 170427-N-ES536-0005 USS Somerset arrives in Guam for a scheduled port visit 170417-N-BY095-0021 170408-M-HF454-017 170406-N-ON977-0162 170404-D-PB383-035 170404-D-PB383-005
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