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First Bird In Flight Shot

First Bird In Flight Shot

Two things I need a lot of practice on in photography are birds in flight and macro shots. I have always admired the beautiful birds in flight shots I’ve seen here on Flickr. I just never realized just how difficult it was going to be until I started practicing them. My photos were always blurry and the birds were never properly in frame. The other day I was practicing on seagulls and I got lucky when a great blue heron flew by unexpectedly, needless to say, I wasn’t prepared. LOL I just clicked away like a maniac and crossed my fingers that I could get some half decent shots. My great respect to all the photographers that take those amazing flight photos!

I’d like to send a special thank you to my good friends from the UK Bogger3. and Mobile Lynn for all your wonderful coaching tips and advice.

Have a great day Flickr friends! Tina and the Puglets xo

I would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to view and comment on my photos, it is very much appreciated. Constructive criticism and tips on how to improve my novice photography skills are always welcomed.

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Photo taken @ O on 2 August 2019 (© DaPuglet / Flickr)

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