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Adorning the Wall

Adorning the Wall

Red Valerian is a very common plant here in the SE, adorning every available piece of wall it seems. This is the road to the ferry at Ballyhack with the village of Passage East in the distance across the other side of the estuary. Happy Wall Wednesday!

Even though this wildflower is commonly known as Red Valerian, the flowers are not always red, they can also be pink & sometimes creamy white. Flowering from June to September, this is an unmistakable plant which made its way to Ireland from the Mediterranean. It belongs to the family Valerianaceae.

Photo 32/100 for the 100 Flowers 2018 Group. This year I'm challenging myself to photograph 100 different wildflower species found growing in the Irish countryside as listed on

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Coleman le 24 mai 2018 (© JulieK (thanks for 7 million views) / Flickr)

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