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Where is Kevin? door in a wall Lucy Bronze Dries with a Cowboy Hat Performers on a bridge 今日自製午餐: 松露義大利麵,加了新鮮香菇和鮮嫩烤筊白筍   Spaghetti with truffle, Mushrooms and Water Bamboo   (其實是前幾天做的) 依依不捨的先用了義大利帶回的松露醬來拌義大利麵吃,還有另外一罐泡有整顆松露的還捨不得用,讓我想想可以做啥料理來配這種整顆刨片的松露呢?。    #pasta #義大利麵 #Spaghetti #truffle #松露 Silent Inauguration Descending Citizen Cope - Nashville, TN - May 2016 Taylor Swift Education Center Just before the rain cough me it looked all so sweet and gentle in #Stockholm   #igersstockholm #sweden #dashable #dashableinsweden #travel #traveldeeper #tasteintravel Toilet Sign Nashville Zoo 08-27-2014 - Barn Owls 2 William Bell Dinsmoor and Russel E. Hart. Parthenon, Nashville Centennial Park. 1925-31. Nashville Centennial Park Lake drained Primo pranzo al mare. Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art - Nov. 29, 2013 瓢湖視察記念 #mydaughter Lit hacking at Noisebridge Bruce Munro's Light at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens Bruce Munro's Light at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens - Field of Light Guardare la città attraverso le vetrate del MAS #anversa 2 Radnor Lake X-Gene activation; 12-27-12 @vivianepari & @lullybrunelli #FF de domingo Betty Boots Sun rising @ St Denis, La Reunion island Ant & TX at my crib! Welcome to HKG - spring break returns! Radnor Lake
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