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Deadvlei (Namibia) Namib Sand Dunes, variant About that travel bag... Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus (Grey-headed Gull) Hippopotamus amphibius (Common Hippopotomus) Dunes Camping at Khowrabib. Our last night on this trip Camping at Khowrabib. Our last night on this trip On the afternoon of our fourth day, we arrive at the Skeleton Coast Wild camping near the border of Skeleton Coast park. It was cold, moist, and windy. Breaking camp near the border of Skeleton Coast park. Without the fog, we might be able to see the ocean. During countless multi-disciplinary stops, we evaluated research potential for studying botany, entomology, geology, ecology, herpetology... We also enjoyed the views and took lots of photos. Hannelie and Wessel stand-up meeting Stuck in the dunes. We connect multiple tow straps so the Land Cruiser can pull from the hard pan surface. It works like a charm. wild camp in the Khumib River Moonrise over the campfire in the Khumib River Jon determines sex of the lizard Jon unloads the Land Cruiser at Camp Synchro Rolf and Gail at Camp Synchro on the Kunene River Jill and Neku at Camp Synchro sunset at Camp Synchro Heather Nicky and Jil put the second spare tire in the ready position Ken checks torque on the lug nuts Elise and Heather examine a plant growing on a hummock of sand hyena spoor on the beach at Skeleton Coast Checking out of Opuwo donkey house plastered with mud
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