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The Myrafälle

The Myrafälle

The Myrafälle
Viennese Alps: Popular circular route
The Myrafälle were made accessible by the ÖTK in 1885 and have since been maintained by the Pernitz Muggendorf section.

Along Myrafälle and around Hausstein, a lot has changed since autumn 2007.
11 information boards accompany you along this impressive landscape. Learn about how the power of water has been used since 1783 as a driving force for woodworking or power generation. The inhabitants of the valley landscape also used the water wheels to grind barley, wheat and oats.
Go for a walk in nature, enjoy the wonderful view of the Hausstein and then relax with one of our friendly landlords, for example in the Myrastub'n, the Karnerwirt or the Gasthaus Jagasitz.

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Photo prise @ Muggendorf le 17 janvier 2019 (© a7m2 / Flickr)

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