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Zafari, from 102 Military Working Dogs Sqn

Zafari, from 102 Military Working Dogs Sqn

Pictured is Zafari, from 102 Military Working Dogs Sqn, and his handler ready to take part in a live fire exercise on the Sennelager Ranges in Germany.

Zafari is wearing a body cooler, paw protectors, goggles and ear defenders.

102 Military Working Dogs (MWD) Squadron are part of 1st Military Working Dog Regiment...The LFTT training not only allows the soldiers to undertake their contingency readiness requirement, but also allows the dogs of the squadron to undertake enhanced battle induction, simulating some of the possible stresses of battle that they could encounter on current or future operations. ..Live firing and movement around the battlefield provides a demanding environment to hone the soldier’s skills, not just for combat but as a dog handler also. ..For the Military Dogs, the experience of live firing and explosions reduces their tendency to be scared by the sounds of weapons firing and explosions allowing them to become calm and controlled in stressful situations...The 1st Military Working Dog Regiment’s mission is to deliver Military Working Dog and Veterinary capability in support of Field Army outputs...Delivering a wide range of Military Working Dog capabilities, the Regiment plays a pivotal role in supporting a number of key activities including; counter insurgency operations, the detection of Improvised Explosive Devices, assistance in the searching of routes, buildings and vehicles, enhancing security and patrolling key installations.

The 1st Military Working Dog Regiment consists of three Regular and two Reserve Military Working Dog Squadrons, comprising 299 Regular soldiers and officers with the ability to surge to a maximum capacity of 384 Military Working Dogs.

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