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180423-D-SW162-2172 麥味登 MWD My Warm Day green I Spy 170130-D-PB383-028 Tracey from 102 Military Working Dogs Sqn Military Working Dogs put to the test in Edinburgh Royal Air Force Police Dog Handler 180423-D-SW162-2140 170130-D-PB383-004 170130-D-PB383-005 170130-D-PB383-006 170130-D-PB383-007 170130-D-PB383-013 170130-D-PB383-018 170130-D-PB383-021 170130-D-PB383-024 170130-D-PB383-027 170130-D-PB383-031 170130-D-PB383-033 170130-D-PB383-036 170130-D-PB383-040 170130-D-PB383-045 170130-D-PB383-046 170130-D-PB383-048 170130-D-PB383-049 170130-D-PB383-051 170130-D-PB383-055 170130-D-PB383-056 Military Working Dogs undergo Live Fire Tactical Training. It's a Dogs Life!
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 dog, k9, germanshepherd, military, army, iraq
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