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CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM FAHIONS member preview opens at the DE YOUNG MUSEUM, review by scott richard

CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM FAHIONS member preview opens at the DE YOUNG MUSEUM, review by scott richard

so the CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM FASHIONS exhibit opened for a member preview today. i went because i’d seen the front cover of the de young magazine and it was heavy ladened with ultra-chic, high-end, rainbow startlingly fashion — from multi-layered skin tight to draping. nonetheless, true fashion.

(i've posted the magazine plug below)

but the show itself had ZERO pieces from the magazine and it wasn’t really fashion as much as style.

and style isn’t fashion. there’s a huge difference between style and fashion. for example, style is about the look. and the modest style has several components for the look that are based on principles of “covering”.

covering creates style. the “how you cover it” creates fashion. so choice of material and cut create the foundation for spring boarding from style into fashion. often, the exact same outfits can be fashion or style depending on these fundamental choices.

in this case, all the photos for the alleged show were FASHION pieces. on the other hand, the actual show that i saw has about 85% STYLE wear and feels very post-oscar-de-la-renta to me (see photos below from the 2016 de young exhibit of de-la-renta's work with draping). there were maybe two or three examples of the exciting and fresh FASHION that was shown off in the magazine article. and this was sad. there wasn't much "fashion" and most of the fashion was just knock-off design from way more famous designers.

oddly, the lack of layers in the designs neutered the fashion and made it mostly stylish instead. not daring enough to be fashion. but it was ELEGANT. and that is probably the best that modest wear should achieve to create/manifest, lest it tap the demonic forces of the rapist male heart who can’t control himself around women. far be it for the mad male rapists to change their inner behavior. far better so for the living and breathing and scheming temptations of the mad male rapist to modify their behavior. and this is the world picture? oh please. someone say something!??!?!

who are these rape teases anyway? is every woman a rape tease for a man? where does the sex desire come from in men and women that it makes so much trouble? don’t these children have mothers to protect them from harlotry and deception? and where do all the male rapists come from? they had a mom, too. are city streets that place for raping others? are there legitimate answers to these real questions?

whatta joke -- the heteronormative sexual spectrum of hate and loathing, desire and abuse and re-creation through procreation vs. recreational sex vs. non-reproduction.

two branches of the same dysfunctional tree -- the inducement of slavery through debt, duty and obligation. the children create the misery and lend the hope for joy.

too bad. we let the darwinian naturalists and the childlike abstract intellectuals imagine a god and they did. what terrible hatred to choose a god of any kind. or worse, to believe you are chosen by a god.

such vanity in a world filled with debris.

what an array of slave mentalities the humans are capable of creating and then parading for all the world to behold.

cheering on same-sex hate (homoloathing) through cultural support and encouragement. pathetic. infantile minds should not be allowed to maintain abstract ideas for they will always choose santa claus and the boogey man.
mary will always be a virgin or a whore.

but we know she was an unwed mother who boned/was boned a la natural. anyone who says different is filthy and rolls in lies. read your bible, idiots!!!

okay, whatever. keep protecting the fking rapists... call him god if you want. liars tell lies.

so, christianity, islam, go for it. you're both sexually immature ideas that have off-casted nations of intentionally mentally retarded humans. the THINK SERUM your fake testaments and documents offer is a shame to anything as great as god. you are scum and abuse others to cover your self hatred. no wonder the idea of something greater than you is so appealing.

didn't your mommy tell you that fixed ideas of stupidity only compound the punishment of stupidity?

on the other side, i LOVE modest wear because it has so much potential for being fashionable AND stylish.

those of us who live in san francisco — where the weather can require three layers of clothes on any given day depending on the minute — have become practiced in the art of LAYERING your look. it’s a weather-imposed modesty of sorts in our town. you’ll freeze if you don’t get it right.

my biggest gripe about this show is that it lacks a LIVE COMPONENT. this is the kind of “art” exhibit that isn’t art at all. it’s about educating people and bringing worlds together. and therefore, where is the live component?

we saw this same oversight with the SUMMER OF LOVE EXPERIENCE that wasn’t much of an experience. they EASILY could have hired a jam band for the weekends to play grateful dead covers during the opening hours. in the same sense, this is STILL the perfect opportunity for a ton of muslim women to volunteer their time to come and walk about in modesty wear and interact with the viewers. come on DE YOUNG, it’s not too late to start thinking INTERACTIVELY. it will guarantee success.

one of the best parts of this show is the backdrop in which the exhibit takes place. there are new wall dividers and there is a gorgeousness to the interior that is truly artistic. the after effects of the burning man movement has brought some really great interior gazebo structures to life as well and the lighting aids in maximizing this effect, though the show is far too dark for my tastes. i BELIEVE it is terribly important to use the whole range of light exposure to show off fashion. otherwise the “tone” of the show feels interiorized and takes on the feel of costume instead of fashion.

there was the tiniest bit of soundtracking and the videos lend sound as well, but there could be more. the future is about this kind of interaction between ideas, imagery, sound and space. it is inevitable.

and, to call out some of the great things that have been done at the de young, the gaultier show and the de la renta show both featured moving video imagery of runway shows. this lends so much power to the fashionized concepts of the work. the absence of this is wholeheartedly felt. it's as if there is no pedigree or lineage in real life to back up any of the "fashion" that is being presented. and certainly this can't be the case?

and while we’re are at it, try saying the word MUS - LIM.

say it a hundred times a day and i promise you will start to feel a deprogramming that the u.s. government and media machine has fostered and fomented in your being if you’re a non-muslim person.
it’s rather sinister how much and for how long this hatred has been spuriously lathered up in this country.

and to all who read:

when ANY world religion or regional belief system that involves the abstract and gratuitous concept of a "god" or "greater power" achieves economic power of transformation within their social community, they become an enemy to the true "god in all of us" and inevitably seek to destroy other humans. this is ALWAYS true.

and it is spiritual wrong-doing to use the "god in all of us" in this manner.
it is satanism.
the religion of force.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 21 septembre 2018 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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