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BE fking KIND -- gentrification -- the real religious cross of christianity, scott richard

BE fking KIND -- gentrification -- the real religious cross of christianity, scott richard

christians, jews and muslims all think they know the "correct" answer.

but they are just intellectual FRONTS for gentrification and business codes.

fk their nonsense and degradation.

they are ANTI-HUMANs, sexists and racists by nature as well as being radical exclusionists.

auto car is the greatest invention OF ALL TIME so far.
but is that in the news?
sht no!!!!

instead, economic nationalism is on the rise.
lol, you think that car stuff is on the table for no reason?

ZERO news articles on autoKar.
instead, weather disasters and terrorism and tariffs.

ZERO news on autoKAR!!!!!!!
stand down!!! it's the greatest invention of CONTROL of all time.
your fake president.
and your stupidity grows daily!!!!

the future demands better and MORE than the past has afforded.

aren't we all sick to death of their control and insanity?!?
how EGGZACKLY are THEY (christians, jews and muslims) actually different?

the new world is better than their histories and FAKE god.
god is a mental delusion. a form of insanity.

and dear, OATH, we know who you are!!!!

anti-christians need to gather and rise and put an end to this charade of jesus, and yahweh and allah.

stupid fking peepl rule the world.
their hearts are murderous and shallow and endlessly fighting death.

death is INEVITABLE>

be FKING KIND instead and watch how death changes from fear into kindness.

you can't be kind enough.
if you don't believe me, try.

PLEASE prove me wrong.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise le 9 décembre 2015 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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