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Circle We're back People watching in  Harar Palestine_Jaffa_Jaffa_NK27456 Through the arch Arakan refugee camps, Cox's Bazaar-Bangladesh, March 2011 IHH Qurbani campaign, Mongolia, 2009 Martyr's Cemetary More Praying DSC_1749 IMG_7789 Open Mosque Day, Oct. 17, 2010 Chăm Muslim Boy, Tân Châu, Mekong Delta Interior of the Dome in Mohammed Ali Ground Zero rubble One and Other-Becky-Eid Mubarak! One and Other-Becky-Eid Mubarak! Zarene bridal mehndi tops and feet Mostar new friend? Bogor 08 - Botanical Gardens, children playing Dancing and singing the Koran Palestine_Jerusalem_Ayn-Karim_NK27800 Palestine_Jerusalem_Aqqur_NK23275 Palestine_Jerusalem_al-Walaja_NK23262 Palestine_Jenin_al-Jawfa_Khirbat_NK27578 Palestine_Jaffa_Jaffa_NK27525 Palestine_Jaffa_Jaffa_NK27440 Palestine_Jaffa_Jaffa_NK23016 Palestine_Hebron-1994_NK20040
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