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The Roller Coaster, Rock in Rio 2019.

The Roller Coaster, Rock in Rio 2019.

The largest traveling roller coaster in Latin America is 26 meters high. The ride lasts 1 minute 30 seconds - 1,200 people can ride at the attraction every hour.

The scheduling is in person, done at the window itself.

The roller coaster is one of the most sought after attractions by the public - long lines usually form for the ride


The ride on the roller coaster only takes a minute, but it seems a lot longer. The climb is slow and allows incredible views of Rock City. All to compensate for the radical descent, followed by looping and several very fast turns.

Want to take your phone to film the moment of excitement? You can take a risk, but they don't recommend it. The chance of the device flying from your hands is huge ....


Isabel, Adriano, Henrique and me. I was responsible for filming in the first car. Of course! It is my cell phone held only by my hands.

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Photo taken @ Q on 6 October 2019 (© ER's Eyes On a Break. I'll be back in January. Bes / Flickr)

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