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A Hymn of God’s Word——“All Mankind Should Worship God”

A Hymn of God’s Word——“All Mankind Should Worship God”

Praise and Worship Song | All Mankind Should Worship God

True belief in God is not about salvation, or being a good person, or just gaining a human likeness.
It's more than faith that God exists.
It's more than knowing that God is the truth, the way, and the life, and nothing more.

It's not just so you accept God and know that He is the Ruler above all things, and know He's creator, the almighty, unique and supreme.
But it's more than this to truly believe.

God's will is that your whole being and your heart are given to Him, and that you obey and follow Him.
You should allow God to use you, and gladly do service for Him.
You should do anything for Him.

It's not only the chosen who should believe in Him.
All mankind should worship Him, heed Him and obey Him, because all of man is God's creation.

Adapted from Records of Christ's Talks

Image Source: The Church of Almighty God
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Photo taken on 14 November 2019 (© Pamela P. Stroud / Flickr)

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