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Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, NY IMG_6316I Paula Modersohn-Becker. 1876-1907. Bremen. Still Life with oranges, bananas, lemon and tomato. 1906. Karlsruhe. Mirrored Tents on the Schuylkill #5 You Told Me That You'd Wait Forever Surgical Gloves... Old mainframe The historic Ottersbach mill Stereotype poof! Is gone (2017) -  Ana Perez-Quiroga (1960) 02080A Warrior Award Pins Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - Portrait Head of John Hampson, 1930 - 50 Fort Laramie National Historic Site IMG_8218EH Giulio Romano. (Giulio Pippi). 1492-1546. Rome et Mantoue.  Vénus et Vulcain. Venus and Vulcan. Louvre. North American Noorduyn AT-16-ND Harvard IIB in Sinsheim Milano - Palazzo dell’Arengario IMG_0095 Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. 1864-1901. Paris. Publicité pour une exposition  internationale d'affiches au Salon des Cent à Paris.  Publicity for an international poster exhibition at Salon des Cent in Paris. 1896.   Hannover. Berlin - Currywurst Museum Sacramento Southern No. 2030 GM-EMD SW-8 1951 6 The Crazy Faces Tree Big Window Head of a bearded god Tiles: birds, flower Rodin - Cupid and Psyche Ashmolean Museum, Oxford NYC - MoMA: Design and the Elastic Mind - Sonumbra Shinise Museum: Tsunotaru Retro Laundry Machines deities of aztec Rad
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