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Fireworks for the end of Rock in Rio 2019, after Muse.

Fireworks for the end of Rock in Rio 2019, after Muse.

Muse closes Rock in Rio 2019 in a fancy show with a sci-fi face.

Oct 7th., 2019 - from 0:40 A.M. to 2:35 A.M.

Band brought great show, but part of the audience left after Imagine Dragons. Biggest news was the 'Black Mirror' look, with futuristic dancers and giant skull.

The end of Rock in Rio 2019 was like a science fiction movie. The Muse show was also all about Rock in Rio: arena rock and theme park look.

The seventh and final day of this Sunday's festival was the only one with two main attractions. But the English trio was the closing band after the Imagine Dragons Americans.

If the show was grand, the audience was smaller than the previous attraction as part of the audience left. But there were enough people to make big choirs like "Uprising", "Plug in baby" and "Hysteria".

Flasher and 'Postman'

The show began with army of dancing trumpeter dancers in flashing clothes. Vocalist Matt Bellamy came dressed as an android. Then the dancers come back dressed in something like nuclear power plant workers.

Bellamy's clothes vary throughout the show. On the bis, rises an inflatable doll-like allegory of the giant post, with the figure of an android skeleton.

Iron Maiden, with their theatrical horror tour, would be jealous. Another thing I would like is Pink, who played the other great show in the Cirque Du Soleil trilogy of this Rock in Rio 2019.


Muse's current aesthetic is reminiscent of synthwave and vaporwave, a modernist, retro aesthetic that was in vogue a few years ago, and has recently been appropriated and adapted by far-right internet activists.

But apparently Muse does not support these new conservative supporters. They only arrived late on the same wave, just as they did on the album "The 2nd Law" (2012), influenced by dubstep when the serious electronic style had passed its peak.

Future of the guitar?
An undeniable merit is that the three make, with little help, a more impactful sound than most metal day bands, which had three people just to play the guitar.

They still make a U2 scheme of making the most of the stage and the catwalk, moving a lot, so that the trio is worth ten. All right, Chris Wolstenholme's way forward in the incredible bass riff of "Hysteria" is awesome.

The ending of Rock in Rio was a good demonstration of two bands that continue to bring rock to the masses with opposite strategies: Imagine Dragons tries to do different with little guitar and Muse tries to use a lot of guitar in different ways.


Muse is voted the best show of the last day of Rock in Rio 2019.

Imagine Dragons and Paralamas do Sucesso complete the G1 poll top 3. Festival ended this Sunday (6).

The Muse show ended Rock in Rio 2019 and was voted the best show on Sunday (6).

The English trio started at 12:20 am, later in the entire festival, had a grand sci-fi show, but part of the crowd was already gone. They took the G1 poll with 53.8% of the votes.

Co-headliner Imagine Dragons was second after a presentation with motivating speech and competent show on the fourth coming to Brazil.

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Photo taken @ R on 7 October 2019 (© ER's Eyes On a Break. I'll be back in January. Bes / Flickr)

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