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PRIMATICE - Triptyque, Trois Hommes, un Mulet et un Âne auprès d'un Chargement (drawing, dessin, disegno-Louvre INV8574) - Detail 22

Abdrahims mule doing a tough job, Morocco 2017

The Mules of Ol Doinyo Lengai

The Mules of Ol Doinyo Lengai

Buenos Aires trash cart

Street Donkeys

self introduction, navsari

Sindhu Beach

Aït Bougmez valley

The Adorable

Riyadha Mosque

Mr. Wilson

LED night shot of Simpson and Abdul with poppies

Good Times at 191 Knickerbocker

Good Times at 191 Knickerbocker

Donkey on Beach

Wild Burros Return @ The Buffalo Corrals



Donkey, Petra

berber carpark

Ely, Nevada

Ely, Nevada

donkey fair, vautha

Mule train - Choquequirao - Peru

Odd Christmas Gift

Pastoreo con burro


Pyramids and mule

Asino curioso

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