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L'Ânesse (noir et blanc) Turkmenistan Donkey Donkey Mule Train 170910 9543 Grey Donkey Solo Hike Central Pyrenees Galilee women loading donkeys with firewood L'Ânon Le Baudet Le Notte delle Streghe e dei Foletti, 2017 Peruvian mountain country world - Mundo rural de montaña peruano Ridge Deer Donkey transport Mule team being led home after day's work. Van Staaden's Pass, 30 miles west of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province. Great Yarmouth sea front Nip & Tuck DSC_0117.jpg DSC_0094.jpg DSC_0084.jpg DSC_0073.jpg DSC_0063.jpg DSC_0059.jpg DSC_0032.jpg DSC_0026.jpg weißer Esel Our Protective Mother African wild ass Opuwo donkey cart
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 donkey, deer, animal, horse, farm, ass, burro, wildlife, animals, nature
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