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23rd Festival Internacional de Jazz de Punta del Este | 190106-1000873-jikatu 276 265 301 266 268 269 270 272 DSCF6100.jpg En route The Reason for the Season Off to school Donkey and a stone stable, slopes of Exombourgo Ecstasy and me ⵉⴷⵓⵔⴰⵔⵏⵓⴰⵟⵍⴰⵙ A burro stands in what is otherwise a field of cattle near Jefferson, Colorado. Original image from Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress collection. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. all alone 2018 - Mexico - Hacienda Sotuta de Peón - Truk Paro - Hike to the Tiger’s Nest: Taktsang Goemba Donkey on Beach Man on a donkey, Apieranthos, Naxos (1986) Camel and Donkey Little friend Remembrance Day Statue of Sinpson and his Donkey-1= Isla del Sol Burro Pilou Canary Wharf skyline from Mudchute City Farm L'ane de Volubilis, Maroc
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