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DSC_0271 Transport, Atlas Mountains Mule track [Gallipoli] Market day Mule train - Choquequirao - Peru DSC_0096 Abdrahims mule doing a tough job, Morocco 2017 Donkeys carrying tourists up the 550 steps from the port to the town of Fira in Santorini, Greece Johnson Children with Donkey (MSA) donkeys Donkey Donkey Asinelli Sandy as he looks now Sindhu Beach berber carpark Ely, Nevada Wadi Arabah, South Jordan 29/05/2011 Hee-haw camoflague Odd Christmas Gift Mardin The Adorable hot donkey in olive grove Taxi! Pyramids and mule Riyadha Mosque Hello! Mr. Wilson you jack
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 donkey, deer, animal, horse, farm, ass, burro, wildlife, animals, nature
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