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Australian Defense Forces participate in a series of sea exercises with U.S. Marines from Marine Rotational Force - Darwin IMG_7486 IMG_7488 Night Vision Under The Sea The Deep End A Marine with the Maritime Raid  Force climbs a caving ladder attached to an MH-60 Sea Hawk during a helocast training evolution 151102-M-PA636-072 151102-M-PA636-118 151106-M-TJ275-008 161207-M-GM943-174 160908-N-LR795-050 160908-N-LR795-050 160824-N-LR795-170 160824-N-LR795-292 160820-N-LR795-015 160822-N-LR795-012 160823-N-LR795-018 160823-N-LR795-041 160815-N-LR795-090 160815-N-LR795-191 160401-N-YR245-101 150919-M-JT438-114 150919-M-JT438-097 150531-M-SV584-084 150524-M-TJ275-056 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-059 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-JT438-112 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-013 USS Essex (LHD 2)_150707-M-SV584-133
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