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The Deep End Crossing The Delaware 161128-M-KJ317-057 11th MEU prepares for amphibious rehearsals, Exercise Alligator Dagger 161207-M-GM943-160 161207-M-GM943-174 A Marine with the Maritime Raid  Force climbs a caving ladder attached to an MH-60 Sea Hawk during a helocast training evolution Shoot To Thrill 160824-N-LR795-256 160822-N-LR795-035 160820-N-LR795-015 160820-N-LR795-058 160907-N-LR795-064 160908-N-LR795-050 160909-N-LR795-049 160911-N-LR795-060 160908-N-LR795-038 160908-N-LR795-050 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group train for upcoming deployment 160907-N-LR795-015 160824-N-LR795-079 160824-N-LR795-292 160824-N-UT455-066 160820-N-LR795-031 160820-N-LR795-058 160822-N-LR795-042 160822-N-LR795-065 160815-N-LR795-031 160815-N-LR795-191 160815-N-LR795-243
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 uno, art, streetart, strike, street, sone, roma, urban, rome, poster
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