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The Road to Adishi

The Road to Adishi

In the last couple of years I've had a number of friends visit the country of Georgia. They'd come back and the comments were always the same - it's amazing, the people are lovely, the nature is stunning, the prices are wonderful And yet, every time I searched for images, even on NatGeo and other outlets, I only saw the same three or four locations photographed. So, with a head full of misconceptions and a certain amount of trepidation II set out to drive and wander western Georgia free-form, with no set agenda, and only a hope I'd make it to the Svaneti region and ultimately the remote village of Ushguli. What met me was a country full of warm people, incredible nature, spectacular autumn colors, gorgeous mountains, rich history and so much more.

Photos were taken during a 10 day road trip with a four wheel drive vehicle.

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Photo taken @ Z on 30 September 2019 (© virtualwayfarer / Flickr)

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