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wide end of the Aratani valley Denali P1040941CrvBaLB View from the top P1040935CrvBaLB sturdy trail steps to the top of Gyoji-ga-dake posted sign describes medieval mountaintop fort here blanketed by leaves up the moutainside wide end of the Aratani valley afternoon light at Aratani shrine small rope marks the tree or space as sacred trailside guardian for Mt. Hino climbers panorama, electric fence and mountain trail and bench overlooking part of Imadate, below long distance hiking map, including mountain top erosion control dam filled up with debris Locked and Logan summit day photos_002_edit Mount Royal, New South Wales IMG_6058 Exploring Wind River Range, WY P1040946CrvBaHC P1040943CrvBaLB You can't escape the ice P1040922CrvBaLB P1040931CrvBaLB P1040909CrvBaLB P1040913CrvBaLB P1040914CrvLC P1040904CrvLB P1040906CrvBaLB
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