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Space invader [Paris 19e] Space invader [Paris 13e] Manama Satan, Battistero di San Giovanni, Florence Registan Square and Its Three Madrasahs, Samarkand, June 2015 The woman with the haemorrhage touching Jesus volubilis Bank doorstep, 85 Northdown Road Aachen (Aquisgran). Capella Palatina. Mosaic del sostre amb els quatre rius: l'Èufrates NYC - Gramcery: 28th Street Station - City Dwellers (for Costas and Maro) Happy Women's Day: in Tribute to Mitochondrial Eve Space invader [Paris 13e] Cathedral Basilica, St. Louis, MO USA DJN_11 The Last Judgement, Basilica di San Marco, Venice [detail] Space invader [Paris 3e] Space invader [Paris 3e] In the central apse, Byzantine mosaics (mid-12th C.) are surrounded by an incongruous Baroque setting, the Cathedral of Cefalù, Sicily Start To Completion Rome 2014 Williamsburg Music Center Mural Space invader copycat, Crazy Birds  [Die, Drôme, France] Even the escalators in HK can be fun! JFK memorial after dark - plaque And another day... Space invader [Paris 1er] Aquileia. Basílica. Mosaics del paviment: raïmant I haven't had much time to work on the #robot #mosaic. 8 days (2 of 2) Farmer Building (Jan. 21 | Feb. 5 | Feb. 25 - 2012)
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