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GOD & COUNTRY WITH A FULL MOON The Pink Moon Easter Chores Await Hand Held shot of The Moon 02/04/2020 from Basingstoke @ 23:11hrs.. Ottawa On Canada ~ Fairmont Château Laurier  ~ Historic Hotel Toronto Ontario ~ Canada ~ Edwards Gardens ~ Botanical Garden ~  Water Droplets  Tulips Flaming Clouds. Russelville Kentucky - Jesse James Mural - Branch Banking and Trust  - Film 35mm   -  Miranda Camera Luna llena Russelville Kentucky - Jesse James Mural - Film 35mm   - Miranda Camera -  Branch Banking and Trust We live in uncertain times present and past. Moon over the quarantine Pierced by the Golden Gate Bridge CITY GIRL Last Friday Of February 8:45 PM A flock of cormorants in flight formation with the Waning Gibbous moon in the early morning hours at Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge near Naples, Florida Sakura series Tucumcari - New Mexico - Apache Motel - Route 66 - Vintage Photo El Reno - Oklahoma - Route 66 - Downtown Mural March 9, 2020 Supermoon rising over the marsh and snags at Babcock Wildlife Management Area near Punta Gorda, Florida Morning red Au début de ta route/At the start of your journey Il n'y a pas de coïncidence/There are no coincidence/Det finns ingen slump/No hay coincidencia verschiedene Lichtquellen Blue moon butterfly (female) (Hypolimnas bolina) - Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Jan 2020 Febrovery 2020 Day 28: The Big Wheel Febrovery 2020 Day 27: Fast response Le soleil a rendez vous avec la lune Febrovery 2020 Day 26: Unsettling Encounter
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